Since he was appointed into President Uhuru Kenyatta's second and last cabinet following the 2017 General election, the inaugural Meru County Governor Peter Munya's political star has apparently been on an upward trajectory since.

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Munya whom up to early 2018 was a fierce and bitter political rival of Uhuru, was after the two agreed to a political truce appointed Cabinet Secretary for East Africa Cooperation before he was moved to the more 'lucrative' Industrialization and Trade docket in a mini-cabinet reshuffle last year.

No sooner had Munya cemented his stay in the ministry than Uhuru once again moved him to the giant Agriculture ministry on Tuesday after firing his political ally-turn-foe, Mwangi Kiunjuri, in major cabinet shakeup.

But this may not be a surprise to many as Uhuru since the beginning of his second term, has seemed to bank more on his first term worst political rivals who have since shifted their allegiance to him, among them ODM party leader Raila Odinga, Munya to name but a few.

So, why do Munya's political fortunes seem to be fattening by day courtesy of President Kenyatta who seems hellbent to annihilate politically his perceived close associates and loyalists, not in agreement with him? 

Below are three likely reasons;

1. Munya's loyalty to Uhuru

Since his appointment to the cabinet two years ago, Munya has widely if not totally danced to Uhuru's tune by, for instance, keeping off 2022 succession politics that seems to itch Uhuru to the core and which have costed his cabinet colleagues like Rashid Echesa and Mwangi Kiunjuri their jobs.

Munya who on several occasions ahead of 2017 General Election had threatened to vie for the presidency against Uhuru, has notably shelved his political ambitions to concentrate on his ministerial assignments, something that seems to augur well with his boss.

2. Munya is the most visible Meru in the national limelight

With the ageing Ameru kingpin Kiraitu Murungi, having retreated to the grassroots following his controversial election as Meru County governor, CS Munya remains solely as the most prominent Ameru representative on the national stage.

As such, Uhuru seems keen to consolidate his Meru support base by strengthening Munya's position in his cabinet amid escalating resistance and resentment against him (Uhuru) in his Kikuyu political power base.

3. Uhuru's Central Kenya dwindling political fortunes

President Uhuru whose efforts so far to bring back discontented Central Kenya voters under his armpits have yielded little, seems to be in rush-hour efforts to save what is left of his Mt Kenya stronghold. 

With his Meru constituency widely uninvolved in 2022 succession politics, Uhuru is apparently keen to maintain this status quo by 'rewarding' the Ameru through one of their own to cement their loyalty to him further.