It started as an innocent post on Facebook to express how the Noisy South Mugirango Member of Parliament Sylvanus Osoro cares for the needy little did he know his actions on the ground could hunt him back.

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The jubilee die-hard supporter stormed his constituency to help an electorate build a new iron sheet house which himself participated almost 100% from roofing to smearing. 

"Going beyond the scope of our duty within the constituency today...the Nyagosia family were all smiles thereafter..from thatched to semi...," he posted

He was dressed in short, a T-shirt and black gumboots a move that raised alarm and questions. Could he be copy-pasting the Rarieda Member of parliament Otiende Amollo's development strategy?

 Proff Elkins "I can see you are copy pasting what Hon Otiende Amollo is doing in Rarieda."

Elvis Moches Joel "Yes I kudos you on that but Leadership is not doing what another person did somewhere/copying and pasting. There are pertinent issues need to be solved in the constituency than mere PR in social media. Check on that."

As if this was not enough, Osoro was seen with a plate full of what is suspected to be well cooked Matoke a meal every Kisii want to be associated with. Next to him were kids who seemed to be salivating and hungry but the MP seemed not to care but fill his hungry stomach first.