Outspoken Mombasa County Governor Hassan Joho's political stars keep shining thanks to his style of politics. Joho enjoys a close relationship with ODM party leader Raila Odinga, he was one of the most powerful NASA "generals" during the 2017 elections.

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The following are three tricks that have kept Joho's name on the mouth of many Kenyans.

1. Constantly locking horns with the president

During the 2017 elections, Joho constantly engaged Uhuru Kenyatta in spats. He gatecrashed the president's function in full glare of the media and Mombasa residents. The president was issuing the title deeds to residents.

Joho advocated for the rights of Waitiki squatters who were allocated the land by the government. Joho did not understand why squatters pay for title deeds yet the government paid the landowners the required amount.

Joho was also at the forefront in opposing government's plot of relocating dry port (the region's economic hub) to Naivasha, this made his name a brand among Mombasa residents who saw him as their fighter.

Accusing President Kenyatta's government of corruption and sidelining Mombasa saw him victimized, his firearms seized and family business closed.

By playing victim to Uhuru Kenyatta's brutal government, Joho's popularity grew nationally making him a legend. This boosted his political mileage and was overwhelmingly voted in by Mombasa residents.

2.Fancy lifestyle and fashion

Mombasa Governor has a great taste in fashion. He enjoys a massive following on social media platforms.

Whatever he wears appears trendy and classy leaving his fans' tongues wagging. 

He once appeared in public adorned in a squeaky clean white robe, a turban and dark shades with a sword tucked around his waist giving him an outlook of a perfect traditional Sultan ruler. This made him more popular among the fashion lovers. Hitherto he has remained among the best-dressed governors in Kenya.


Controversies tend to be a selling strategy for many Kenyan politicians. Like other Kenyan politicians, Joho's life is full of many controversies. He has been accused for forgery of academic papers.

He was also been accused of having links with drug traffickers, however, there is no evidence to authenticate the claims.These controversies and the way he handled them made him an icon.