The former Foreign affairs minister Zachary Onyonka once set a record that no one has ever broken on the Gusii land. 

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He won an election while in prison.

This dates back to 1983 when there were political wrangles between two contestants.

Onyonka and John Bosco were competing for an elective post in the then Kisii West constituency. 

During the campaigns, John Bosco had addressed people at the Kisii Migori Junction at Daraja Mbili.

Onyonka too went forth to address the same congregation but found it unruly. 

One of the constituents called Uhuru Ndege wanted to stab Onyonka with a knife. This angered the former minister's bodyguards, who reiterated and shot the man.

Chaos erupted and Onyonka's life was in danger. 

Remember, they had no vehicle then, therefore they could have met the angry crowd were it not for the help of a matatu driver. 

Joseph Nyambariga helped Onyonka by speeding them off to the Suneka chief's camp. 

Here, their lives were secure. This is the place where he was arrested and taken to Kodiaga prison in Kisumu.

The campaigns intensified in his absentia and the day came for the elections. 

It surprised many people when Onyonka, the father to the current Kitutu Chache South Mp Richard Onyonka, became the winner while being held in prison.

All the same, he was released six months later and resumed his duties. One year later, he was appointed by President Daniel Moi as the foreign affairs minister. 

He served till 1996 when he succumbed to stroke.