Renowned artiste Onyi Jalamo has revealed how the 'NASA Tibim' song, used as an anthem during Raila Odinga's campaign in 2017 was born.

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Speaking on Sunday during an exclusive interview posted on the Magical Kenya News YouTube channel, the musician revealed that the song started as a campaign song for an MCA and metamorphosed into an anthem of a presidential campaign.

He met with an MCA in Dandora called Dan Oriya during a fundraiser to cater for the funeral of a relative.

Jalamo befriended the MCA and introduced himself as a music producer.

Oriya then asked him to do a campaign song.

"He told me I am going to run in 2017 so compose a song for me, so I composed him a song called Daniel Woud Allego (Sasa akaniambia 2017 nasimama sasa nitengenezee wimbo nikamtengenezea wimbo ilikuwa inatwa Daniel Wuod Allego), " he said

The first song did not do well so he did another one called 'Dan Tibiim' which did well beyond his expectation as it was being played in Embakasi.

"In 2017, he asked me to compose another campaign song and I composed him a song called 'Dan Tibim' (Kufika 2017 January, sasa tuko marafiki tunaongeanga, akaniambia nataka wimbo inaeza fanya campaign... Nikamtengenezea wimbo inaitwa Dan Tibiim)," he said

That is when he decided to change the lyrics of the song so that it could fit a presidential campaign.

In the song, he touted the former Prime Minister's candidature even though it was not clear who would fly the NASA flag.

When Raila was unveiled as the political outfit's standard-bearer, the song blew as the NASA presidential campaign used it.