Victoria Anna Hill, a woman claiming to had cohabited secretly with ex-Taveta MP Basil Criticos for eight years now wants him to pay her. 

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She wants the court to compel the former MP to pay her Sh25 million, the amount she loaned him while still together to expand their business. 

More so, Victoria wants the ex-MP to give her the 100 acres of land he had promised her. 

In court documents filed since 2015, the woman claims that she started living with Criticos in 2006 until 2014 when they ended things between them. 

However, Criticos denied ever cohabiting with her. He stated that she was only working at his firm. 

“I have never cohabited with her as common law partners, as I have been happily married to Barbara Kirwan Criticos for 18 years. I do not understand the basis of her claims, as I only contracted her as an interior decorator at my property known as Grogan’s Castle,” said Criticos as quoted by Standard Digital

The former legislator told the court that the woman broke into his apartment and stole from him valuables worth  Sh23 million. 

However, Victoria denied the allegations and noted that she had all the keys to his house. 

“He is lying that I stole from him. I want nothing of his. I only want my money and investment I made in his home. He left me destitute, without any concern for my well-being after living with me for over eight years, where I supported him financially and emotionally,” reads the woman's sworn affidavit quoted by Standard Digital

She told the court that she helped the ex-MP decorate his house, bought furniture, decorations, artefacts, beddings and kitchen utensils.

Victoria wants 

the court to compel Criticos to return all the items she bought with her own money and also honor the loan she gave him and the 100 acres of land he promised her for her good services during their cohabiting time.