Kalenjin men have some unique and common characteristics that a woman should always know before she decides to tie the knot with one of them.

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These traits need a woman who is very adaptive and easy to comply with the beliefs and the characters that a Kalenjin man has.

Here are some of the unique characters that you will always see in a Kalenjin man;

They will always be on your right-hand side

Kalenjin men do believe in the biblical text, which is also their tradition, that says, a women came from the left rib, and therefore they should always stay on the left-hand side of a man, even when sleeping on the bed.

Women are equivalent to children

Modernization has degraded this belief to some extent, but some Kalenjin men still hold it and they will treat you as a child, and on this, women do play a little role in decision making; more so in the family set-up as the man is always the head of the family and the sole decision maker.

They don't know how to cook

Most of these men are always prohibited to be in the kitchen, once they undergo circumcision, thus most of making most unlikely to be good in kitchen stuff.

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