The lowest betting stake in Kenya could soon rise to Sh500 once the National Assembly Tourism and Sports Committee conclude its hearing sessions.

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The committee has been holding public hearings with regards to the same, at a time when some online betting platforms are allowing gamblers to place bets worth as low as Sh20.

Committee Chair Victor Munyaka confirmed that the bill which is in its first reading stage has received immense support from most Kenyans who have submitted their views.

He said that most of Kenya's backed the lifting of the minimum stake to facilitate responsible gambling, and to tame its negative effect on minors and school kids.

"We have been receiving views from Kenyans and there has been a general mood that the minimum stake while placing online bets should be increased," he said.

Betting Licensing and Control Board (BCLB) Director Peter Mbugi backed the proposal, saying that there is a need for changes to make it hard for people to participate in the exercise.

He noted that the board will also go after media outlets which have been asking simple questions to their listeners with the promise of a big prize, which he said is promoting gambling.

He added that the board had established that the people announced as winners in such instances have not won anything, but the plan is to lure people into either calling or texting.

"Some radio stations, for instance, ask who is the governor of Nairobi yet everybody very well knows who the person is. In this particular instance we do believe that this has really promoted gambling in the country," he said.

The two spoke during a meeting that brought together members of the parliamentary committee, top BCLB officials and the Communication Authority of Kenya.