The festive season whirlwind has finally come to a standstill ushering in the typically dry, 'lengthy' and unforgiving month of January that many of us like to hate for almost the same reasons.

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As it is the norm, many during this period, find themselves without a shot in their lockers owing to mainly lack of planning for their finances, something that sees them spend carelessly leaving nothing for the subsequent month of 'Njaanuary'.

But remember they say, "when you make your bed, so you must sleep on it". 

Therefore, you should not be whining like a trapped rodent now while just some few days ago, you were financially roaring at high-end entertainment joints boasting of party after party.

That notwithstanding, we will assist you to mitigate the impact of your self-inflicted financial wounds and perhaps save you from sinking further into economic abyss especially if you are a Kiambu resident.

As such, here are three sets of people you will require the wisdom of King Solomon while dealing with this January;

1. Informal money lenders/Shylocks

They know that you are back from your usual December wild money-spending spree and after 'sobering up' from the festive frenzy, you have realized you have no dime left to take care of your January expenses. They are, therefore, waiting for you patiently to make your way into their 'lairs' spread all over Kiambu towns and deal with you like a helpless gazelle inside a lion's den.

Avoid them like leprosy and if you must seek their services owing to your badly tattered financial situation, be very wary of what you give them to secure your loan because some can be very nasty if you delay a bit or you are unable to repay them.

2. Buyers of second-hand items

This is another bunch that is sure to make a kill from you if you happen to bump into their shops with any item that you want to sell to them. Very aware that many of their January clientele are usually very desperate for cash, they buy whatever items you present to them like recycling waste.

Thika second-hand buyers are a perfect example. You must, therefore, be sure of the value of the item you intend to sell them lest you end up with more pain than gain.

3. Landlords/ladies

As for these ones, I don't have much to offer you as regards to how to deal with them because you are in their properties and their decision is final. However, depending on your past rent payment records, there may be or maybe no room for compromise with them.

But irrespective of where you think you fall under, do not wait for your landlord/lady to come to you for rent, instead, go to them in advance and make your case known. They might listen to you if God's sufficient grace reins on them and outweigh their ever-insatiable appetite for cash.