Life after marrying a Kamba woman is always enjoyable. They are the type of women who will never disappoint you at any cost in a relationship. These women also know how to ease pressure and make you feel special in your life. There are things these women always want in life after accepting your marriage proposal.

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Here are three of them:

Feel sexually desired

There is nothing good like being told how beautiful your body is. It’s a kind of appreciation that makes you feel special. Most Kamba women like feeling sexually desired in marriage. They always want to make you see and appreciate them as a woman. Grab her appreciatively and remind her that she is the one you have been looking for in your life


Marriage is always enjoyable when there is security in your relationship. It’s like an assurance that the man you’re living with is yours and not for another woman. Most women from Ukambani like being assured that she is the queen of your heart. This is because they fear to be heartbroken and also being a victim of love. 

 True love

Love is what brings two people together in a relationship. As women who care for themselves, they like worrying about their hearts. The pain after being heartbroken is what they don’t want to feel. Most of them gauge and sees the seriousness of the relationship before settling with you. As a man who has started a new life with her, be open to your relationship and give her the best that you can.