The continued attendance of Winnie Odinga in her father's official AU meetings could raise further questions with regard to her new role.

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Since Raila's appointment as AU High Representative for Infrastructural Development in October last year, Ms Odinga has attended virtually all official meetings with her father, an indication that she could be playing an integral role.

On Wednesday, Winnie was seen taking notes at Serena Hotel where Mr Odinga met Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi, where they discussed about improving infrastructure in Africa.

"Met with President Felix Tshisekedi for a discussion that centered on Infrastructure in Africa and the key role of the DRC which is located at the heart of the Trans Africa rail and highway networks," Raila said.

He added: "We also touched on the importance of sufficient energy generation on the continent and how this leads to faster overall development for all our people." 

Blogger Robert Alai took a swipe at Mr Odinga, claiming that he only prefers to be accompanied by close family members to all important functions.

"Chief hand-shaker @RailaOdinga at Safari Park few minutes ago with DRC President. He doesn't trust anyone of his staffers with the meeting except his daughter Winnie. Kenya helped rig Tshisekedi as President. Jakom negotiating for his business," he claimed

In at least six outings to Addis Ababa and Johannesburg as special envoy, Mr Odinga has often taken along Winnie, his youngest daughter. In all the meetings, she's always seen taking notes.

As AU envoy, Mr Odinga has offices in Nairobi, Johannesburg, Cairo, Abuja and the main headquarters at Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.In 2017, tragedy hit Odinga's family just two years after the death of Fidel Odinga as Rosemary Odinga developed partial blindness after surgery.

And as such, Raila has been closely working either her youngest daughter. When President Barack Obama visited in 2018, Winnie is one of few people who accompanied Raila to the meeting.