Relationships require different ingredients to succeed. No matter how much you invest in your relationship, it is not going to last if at all you are going to be selfish. 

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You need to go back to the drawing board and do away with the things that make you appear selfish in the love life to make it last. 

One of the reasons your relationships always fail is because you are never selfless. The way you handle your partner on a day-to-day basis will play an immense role in shaping your relationship. 

Here are three things selfish people do in relationships;

1. Leading all conversations

 A love affair provides an opportunity for all couples to learn and lead each other towards the right path. You should never force things to go your way simply because you want to be happy at the expense of your spouse. At times you should be ready to compromise if at all you want to realise what has been missing in the relationship.

2. Acting too quickly

Some people are known to act too quickly in their relationships because they think they know it all. A good love affair is where you take your time and act at the right time. Never rush to make some decisions in life simply because you want to please yourself. It is vital to analyse every situation in life before you end up with the right decision for the better of your marriage.

3. Not celebrating your partner's comfort

Be the kind of partner who gets happy when your better half finds comfort in everything they do. Never do things for self-gratification. Let it be known that you are a master of your destiny but also a comforter of your spouse.