Kenyan upcoming artist Simple Stivo who went viral with his 'Vijana tuwache mihadarati' spent his weekend in the city of Mombasa.

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The singer enjoyed sand beaches along the Coast, which also gave him the opportunity to meet his fans besides making new ones.

Stivo who was barely a no body last month, his name is gaining momentum in the celebrity industry.

This was after his story and song were brought to the limelight on comedian Chipukeezy's Ebru TV show. 

In the show, Stivo revealed the struggles he was going through in trying to pop up in the music scene.

He also revealed how some people were branding him names based on his look and physical appearance.

However, Stivo's life journey took a new turn since he appeared on the show, and he is currently gaining fame across the county.

On Friday, he held a function at Club Rio, which is located within the city of Mombasa, close to Mt Kenya University, Mombasa Campus. The event targeted university and college students.

The artist then on Saturday, enjoyed hanging around with beautiful ladies as well as the salty ocean water swim.

He is spreading ''no to drugs' message to youths and has also been reminding people to respect each other regardless of their status and looks.

"Thank you so much Mombasa, never look upon someone because no one knows how tomorrow looks like. (Asanti mombasa Usiwai mdharau binadamu yeyote, hujui kesho yako wala yake ila mungu ndo mpanga yote)," he captioned a video which showed him enjoy a boat ride.

Here are some photos he shared on Instagram;

Stivo at the beach with fans. [Source/simpleboystivo/Instagram]