The governor of Garissa county Ali Bunow Korane has held a meeting with leaders from the North-Eastern region.

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In a tweet on Friday, the county boss said that the high profile meeting was aimed at deliberating on the bewildering array of issues affecting the region.

The discussions will inform the leaders' input in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) meeting to be held in Garissa county in the next few weeks.

Leaders who attended the meeting were accorded the opportunity to share their ideas in the interactive session.

"Convened an interactive dialogue meeting for political leaders from North-Eastern to deliberate on the issues affecting us as a region that we ought to factor in the BBI Report as we prepare for the upcoming BBI popularisation rally in Garissa," the Garissa governor wrote in his Friday tweet.

Governor Korane is among the enthusiastic supporters of the BBI from the North-Eastern region.

Among issues that the region is facing include terrorism, poor infrastructure, and high levels of poverty; issues that are likely to have informed the discussion in Garissa.

Senator Haji, who is a member of the BBI steering committee is himself from the county of Garissa.