Falling out of love with a person you once truly loved and cherished hurts. No one wishes to separate with the person they thought they will spend the rest of their lives with.

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However, due to irreconcilable differences, fate has it that these two people can only live separately.

Though you might move on fast than your ex, he/she can exhibit different signs that show they are not yet over you. These signs include:

1. Deletes most of your couple photos from social media accounts but leaves some

Most couples when together take a lot of photos to remember the moments. Once a break up occurs, most tend to delete these photos and might choose to leave some. 

2. You tend to hear from his/her friends or family members randomly

If you notice that your ex's friends randomly check up on you, there are chances that she/he has been talking to them about you. They could be his/her spokespersons.

3. They are hesitant to pick their stuff

A relationship is many things and among them is the fact that as long you are visiting each other's house, you will leave some of your stuff there. When a breakup comes knocking, she/he will collect some of the things and leave some giving a window to visit again.