President Uhuru Kenyatta has for the first time spoken about the sentencing of the Akasha’s over drug trafficking.

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In his State of the Nation address from Mombasa on Tuesday, Uhuru faulted the Judiciary over the drug trafficking cases. 

He wondered why it took long for the Judiciary to conclude the case that has taken the US less than a year to rule on.

He challenged Chief Justice David Maraga and his team to ensure that cases are expedited and handled diligently.

“I think it’s a shame on our country that we prosecuted a case against drug traffickers in our country and we couldn’t get a prosecution and within a year of them being arraigned in the United States they have been jailed for not less than 25 years that is something that our judiciary should come to terms with,” said Uhuru.

Uhuru said that the suspects were arrested in Mombasa but their cases dragged for too long. 

He also challenged the Judiciary to step up its fight in the war against graft saying it plays a big part in achieving the Big Four agenda.