Having good manners means that you are polite and have respect for people. It also means that you really consider their feelings.

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When you have good manners, you earn much respect from other people. Parents really have a big role to play when it comes to teaching manners to their children. Here are some of the ways you can inspire manners to your children.

1. Apologize to your children

As a parent, you can make a mistake to your child at any given time. You are not an angel but a human being who can do wrong and error is to human. If this happens, you should apologize to your child because this is one way to teach them on humility and politeness.

2. Greeting your children

You should always say good morning to your children even if you slept under the same roof. When coming from work or a journey, you also need to greet them to show them, love.

3. Use polite terms

When speaking or asking for something in front of your children, learn to be polite. Using terms such as am sorry, thank you, please and excuse me will always make your children know you are polite and they will surely emulate you.

4. Correct them immediately

Children always make mistakes and that is part of growing and life. When you notice that your child just made a mistake, never wait till the following day to make a correction. Correct him/her on the spot.