The powerful and first cabinet minister from Kisii Lawrence Sagini lost his seat as the Mp in the then Kisii west constituency, due to his pride that registered his downfall.

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Sagini was beaten in his own game that he believed had unmatched prowess when playing, by his friend Zachary Onyonka in the 1969 general elections.

Onyonka used Sagini's pride to 'beat' him during the campaign and hence emerging the victor. This was in relation to the time Onyonka came back from his studies in the US. He was among the people who benefitted from the airlifts to the US during his time, where he studied in the University of Puerto Rico at San Juan in the US.

When he came back, his friend Lawrence Sagini took him all around the region hailing him. He said that the region had an elite, a PhD holder in the midst. He was also boasting that the MP and the Ministerial docket was challenging and only a learned person like Onyonka would manage to rise onto it. Little did he know that he was digging his own political grave.

When the time came, Onyonka stated his political interests. He went to the people and reminded them how Sagini told them, that he was the only man who was capable to lead them. And in so doing people voted him in during the 1969 elections, sending Sagini out of parliament.

His pride became his downfall, as the brave Onyonka used the same weapon to win the elections and later became the minister too.