A section of Munyaka residents in Ainabkoi Constituency has raised concerns over increased cases of intake of illegal alcohol.

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According to Rev Harun Mwangi Ngugi of Salvation Springs Prophetic Ministries church,  the community has been badly affected by the alcohol menace to an extent where some of the victims sleep at the selling dens. 

“As religious leaders, we are disappointed since alcohol has made men forget their matrimonial duties leading to breakage of families since one drink from morning to evening,” said Ngugi.

The consumed alcohol is reportedly imported from neighboring Uganda and packaged in sachets. 

Ngugi noted that the most affected are men at the age of 17-45 years and are now irresponsible and what they do best is idling in the estate.

“Many ladies have been left their husbands at a tender age since their husbands are alcohol addicts and are left for days if not weeks without anything to eat while their houses are closed due to none payment of rent,” Rev. Ngugi added.

While speaking to Hivisasa on Tuesday, Munyaka pointed out that with alcoholism scourge, cases of insecurity are on the rise with break-ins and pickpocketing taking center stage. 

He further said that cases of insecurity have increased where they break into houses and snatch women bags due to increased intake of alcohol since they don’t work and their only source of income is stealing.

“We are calling upon the government to declare alcohol a national disaster since many people have lost their lives, marriages broken. These people must be helped since we are losing our future,” he said.

He called for concerted efforts between the National and County Governments to fight this challenge that is getting out of hand.He blamed police officers for the increase of the sale of illicit alcohol alleging that they are usually bribed by dealers in illicit liquor. 

Mary Wamboi one of the victims said he started taking alcohol 10 years ago and since then, he has lost many things.

“Since I started taking alcohol I lost my business, husband and I am now living alone. I take alcohol as a means of avoiding stress and I don’t think I will stop soon,” she said.

The 45 years old said alcohol has now become her family and comfort.

Zack Njenga another victim says alcohol he spends most of his time drinking for him to be sober noting that he cannot do without alcohol.

Speaking to Hivisasa on Wednesday, Uasin County commissioner Johnston Ipara said that police patrols will be enhanced in areas affected by illicit alcohol sales.