Most of us, especially women, desire to have clean, well-maintained nails. 

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However, some of us are probably not aware that the activities we take part in daily could be ruining our nails.

Some of these activities may seem harmless but they have an effect on the health and appearance of nails.

Here are three habits that could be ruining your nails.

1. Picking off your nail polish

Most people who find themselves with chipped nail polish are always tempted to pick the rest of the nail polish off so that they are left with a bare nail rather than a messy nail.

This is bad for your nails as peeling off the polish removes the keratin layer on top of the nail, making it weaker and more prone to breakage. It is important to use nail polish remover.

2. Cleaning without gloves

Cleaning products expose your nails to breakage. Nails become weak when soaked in water and when the water contains cleaning products, this results in dried nails that become more prone to damage and also ruins your nail polish.

3. Using your nails as a tool

Many people subject their nails to tasks such as finding the end of sticky tape, removing thorns or even opening cans. This damages the nails by either splitting them or by peeling off the top layer making them more fragile and prone to breakage.