Mr Isaac Manyasi, the alleged father of stowaway whose identity still remains controversial, has yet again made a u-turn, rejecting reports that his son is dead. 

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In an investigative piece by UK's Sky News, Mr Isaac Manyasi is one of the people who positively identified photographs as those of Paul Manyasi.

A lady purportedly who was Paul Manyasi's girlfriend, also identify positively some of the stowaway's items, clearing doubts after four months of investigations. 

But in an interview with KTN on Wednesday, Manyasi's supposed father refuted claims by the UK media, arguing that his son is still alive.

"Sio kijana wangu.Niliwaambia ile picha walinionyesha sio ya mtoto wangu. Kijana wangu alitoka hapa 2016 akaenda Nairobi," Isaac said.

Isaac hails from Kakamega but insists that since 2017, he has not been able to talk to his son.

According to him, he received reports that his son was remanded at Industrial Prison in Nairobi, arguing that he never worked for the company in question.

"I am surprised, I will tell the police because my son is alive...niliambiwa na kijana mmoja ati kijana wangu ako industrial area police remand," he said.

He added that his son was not called Paul Manyasi but Isaac Cedric, a total contrast from what the media reported.

"I am even planning to leave this Friday for Nairobi," he said. 

Kenya Airport Authority on Tuesday rejected the media reports, insisting that no records show that one Paul Manyasi worked for the company that is contracted for cleaning by them.

“Colnet Limited Kenya is a cleaning company contracted by Kenya Airports Authority. The name Paul Manyasi does not appear in the JKIA register,” KAA said.

The stowaway fell from KQ plane in late June but his identity remains mysterious. Authorities in London are yet to officially own Sky News reports.