Celebrated Bongo star Ali Kiba alias King Kiba left music fans with a hard riddle to crack when he said fellow Diamond Platnumz 'stole his pencil'.

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Kiba explained that the pencil riddle was only meant to pass a message that he (Kiba) was not impressed with childish games the 'Kanyaga' hitmaker was engaging him in.

"Don't take me back to class two games where you steal my pencil but still help me look for it, stay away from me (Usiniletee mambo ya darasa la Pili unaniiibia penseli alafu unanisaidia kutafuta (UNIKOME))," read King Kiba's warning in part.

His riddle left many with no specific idea of what he meant. However, on Friday evening while addressing the press at Ramada Encore in Tanzania, Kiba said the pencil was used symbolically.

He said he had earlier told Diamond that he won't take part in any of his festivals, which made it look like childish games when he heard that Diamond was still inviting him.

"I am sure the adults understood what I meant, I meant don't play childish games,(bila shaka watu wazima walielewa nilikua namansiha nini, lengo sio penseli, it means usilete mambo ya kitoto)," said Kiba.