The weatherman has warned Kenyans to expect increased rainfall across the country beginning today, with the intensity set to double beginning tomorrow.

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According to Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD) Assistant Director David Gikungu, Kenyans should brace for heavy rainfall from Thursday to Sunday.

He said the entire nation should be on alert, adding that the meteorological department is 66 percent sure this week will see a heavy downpour across the country.

"The rainfall is expected to intensify to more than 40 millimetres in 24 hours from Thursday 21, to Sunday, November 24, 2019," he said on Tuesday.

This comes a month after KMD Director Stella Aura said the rains would continue up to December, adding that Kenyans should expect dry breaks between downpours.

She warned people against attempting to walk in moving water, saying the floodwaters may be faster and deeper than they may appear.

"Floodwaters may suddenly appear even in places where it has not rained heavily and can be deeper and faster than they look," she said, predicting floods and landslides.