Naivas supermarket has opened a new store in Nakuru town, realising the dream of it's founder; Peter Mukuha Kago.

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The company on Saturday opened it's West End Mall outlet, in a space initially held by Nakumatt Supermarket, whose attempts to bounce back to business have been futile.

Naivas Chief Commercial Officer Willy Kimani said Kago, has from the start eyed the space and had even sought to book it during the mall construction.

"The former chairman and the founder of Naivas Peter Mukuha Kago wanted to have a branch in this part of the town and when the mall was being constructed, he approached the land owner to book a space but he was not lucky,” he told Business Daily on Monday.

He expressed his relief that the ambition has finally been realised, and Naivas now occupies the space he wanted.

“I am happy today his wishes to have a branch at the same venue have been fulfilled posthumously," he added.

The opening up of the new outlet now raises Naivas retail network to 60. The outlet will also employ some 130 residents, including those inherited from Nakumatt.

On the other hand, Nakumatt Holdings has been closing its outlets across the country over tough economic times.