A section of residents from Nyabikondo and Kenyoni in Kitutu Chache North constituency on Sunday protested the poor state of roads in the area.

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The irate residents momentarily closed the road from Rioma market to Kenyambu due to its bad state, planting banana stalks on it.

One of the residents took area MCA Paul Angwenyi to task over the road's poor state.

"Rioma-Kenyambi road is impassable. This road is under the county government level. We call upon the County Governor James Ongwae and area MCA Paul Angwenyi to act on this," Henry Onkendi a resident said.

"During funerals, it becomes very hard to carry the caskets along as the vehicles cannot go through. We end up carrying the caskets on our heads from Rioma market," said Salome Omari.

Joseph Onderi, another resident said he has never seen the area MCA saying the protest was a wake-up call for him.

Elvanis Ogamba took Ongwae to task saying that this road heads to Nyabikondo which is his rural home. therefore, should be in good condition.

"Ongwae, now that he is moving out of the gubernatorial seat, he should leave a legacy. He should develop his home place. He is concentrating more on other regions," stated Ogamba.