Brother of the late Monica Kimani, also a witness in the murder case told the court on Thursday that Joseph Irungu had tried stopping him from informing the media of her sister's death.

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Kimani told the court that he had suggested reporting the issue to the media, but Mr. Irungu who is the main suspect in the murder case advised him not to. 

Kimani said he had contacted the accused after discovering the body. This was because Jowie was a prior acquaintance from school and he thought he would help him get to the media fast. 

“If you involve the media, this case won’t go far. I run a security company and I can help you trace who did this,” George quoted Jowie as put by the star.

According to George, he was aware that Jowie's then-girlfriend Jacque Maribe, also a suspect in the case, was working at Citizen TV at the time and therefore hoped to get assistance. Clearly, something that did not work for the two suspects.

“I contacted Jowie because I thought he would assist with media coverage and I knew he had a fiance at citizen TV so I knew he could assist,” he said as quoted by The Star.

The father of the late Monica Kimani, later on, came to the scene and informed Citizen TV of the murder. 

Jowie is reported to have at one point worked for Interpol. A previous witness told the court that the late Monica Kimani introduced Jowie as a security person who had worked for the Interpol and office of the president.