Two sisters are nursing injuries at Nakuru level five hospital after a man who had been turned down by one of them burnt them with petrol.

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The suspect who is believed to be a police officer is alleged to have been in a romantic relationship with one of the sisters.

The two lovers are reported to have had a disagreement before the incident happened.

"The first time he told me that my sister will not live in peace here in Nakuru since she had rejected him. He said it was a must he burns her. He threatened to kill her. Yesterday he found us with my sister and we were afraid that he might come for her. At around eight he came and poured petrol on us. (The first time alisema ati sister yangu hataki story yake, sister yangu ati juu ako hii Nakuru hatakaa na amani. Lazima amchome na yeye akufe. kama ni yeye kukufa na sister yangu anataka amumalize, sasa hiyo ndio ilikua demand yake. Jana akatupata tukiwa na sister yangu. Sasa tukahofia anaeza mkujia, sasa tulikua tu tumemkaisha. Hapo 8 ndio akakuja akatumwagia petrol)," Ruth Nyabaro, a victim, told KTN News.

Anne Nyabaro, the mother of the two ladies, has called upon the government to intervene in the matter and serve justice.

The doctor attending on the sisters said that they were stable but not out of danger.

The case has been reported at Bondeni police station in Nakuru.