A 49-year-old man from Kisauni, Mombasa was on Sunday night shot seven times by two unknown assailants.

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Reports indicate that the late Titus Mugavi was sitting outside his house while waiting for his daughter to finish preparing tea when the shocking incident took place.

The motive of the killing has not yet been established but Peris Musimbi, the daughter of the deceased, claimed that the killers were seen speaking to his father before they sprayed the bullets on him.

According to Musimbi, her father did not respond to the assailants.

The family is now living in fear as the wife of the late is alleged to have seen one of the assailants.

"Two people came and stood here and started talking to my father, but my father did not respond to them. That is when they shot him seven times. My mother saw the shooter because she panicked and stood up, she was at the kiosk.

(Watu wawili walikuja wakasimamia hapa wakamwongelesha, lakini baba yangu hakujibu. Sasa ile yenye alikua kaamka hivi wakam shoot marisasi saba. Huyo ndio mamangu alimwona kwa sababu mamangu alishtuka venye alisimama alikua amekaa kibandani. Sasa vile alisimama akawaona)," Peris Musimbi narrated.

Police have launched investigations into the murder.

Residents of Kisauni area expressed their fear over the increased insecurity.