Controversy has arisen over the exact number of occupants inside the car that fell into the Indian Ocean from a moving ferry in Likoni on September 29. 

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New allegations have indicated that there could have been three people inside the car and not two. 

The two people who have been confirmed to have been inside the car with registration number KCB 289C on the day of the tragedy are Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu. 

Standard Digital reported on Wednesday, shortly after it was announced that the sunken car had been located, that three bodies had been seen inside the car. 

Information relayed to the family from authorities claimed that three bodies were inside the car. 

This, therefore, begs the question on who the third occupant of the car was.

Shortly after the tragedy took place, Likoni Sub County Police Commander Benjamin Rotich had stated that there could have been four people inside the car. 

"The woman was the driver, the information we have indicates they were four," Rotich said as quoted by Daily Nation.

Another article published by Citizen Digital a day after the tragedy indicated that it was suspected that three people were inside the car when it plunged into the ocean before authorities clarified that the car had two occupants.

The sunken car was located on Wednesday and is expected to be retrieved Thursday.