The rift between Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok and county Senator Christopher Langat widened after the two almost resolved to blows and kicks on Friday night when they met for a fundraiser at  Kipreres market.

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  It all started when Langat hit out at Barchok for allegedly misappropriating county funds. The remarks of the Senator did not augur well with the governor. 

Bomet East MP Beatrice Kones was forced to intervene after the two started hurling insults at each other in public. Langat claimed that Barchok had failed when it comes to uniting the leaders from the region yet he had claimed that he would walk in the footsteps of his predecessor the Late Joyce Laboso. Barchok was seated as Langat launched attack after attack before he stood and faced him. 

The governor grabbed the microphone forcing Langat to cut his speec.

Kones attempted to stop the confrontation of the two leaders.The two had gathered at the place to assist local traders who had suffered losses after a mysterious fire razed down millions of their properties.

On 23 October 2019, Barchok had cautioned Langat of allegedly attempting to incite county officials against him. He lamented that the Senator had become a thorn in his flesh. He reminded him that he was not going to take such attacks kindly anymore and apparently the Friday incident is as a result of the same.

"The senator should stop attacking my staff and instead come to me... inciting the public against public officers is not part of the senator's work and I think he should approach me so that I can offer him some lessons on the roles of a senator," the governor said.