Neno Evangelism founder Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a received great news from his congregation. 

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During one of his sermons, the 'man of God' who is not new to controversies, was keen to find out why his church is always full despite many attacks from the online community. 

Pastor Ng'ang'a amused by the fact that his church is always full asked:

“My God You are very strong you never get afraid and feel like cold running through you (huwa hamutishikangi nyinyi hamtishikangi mkasikia kabaridi kameingia), do you confess to people that you are Neno member?” he asked.

His loyal believers assured him that they are never bothered by what people say about his or what they say about them going to his church. 

His congregation assured him that they never shy off from associating with his church or him. 

The response from his church members made him happy as he could be seen laughing.

He came out to ask his congregation to be responding to those who criticize him on social media.  

The controversial city preacher has been on the news for various reasons. Mainly people have been blasting him for his controversial sermons and performances. 

Many Kenyans have been wondering why people still go to his church with all the drama he unveils day in day out.