Introverts are people who appear calm, relaxing and tends to spend most of their time alone to recharge their inner being. They always feel exhausted or drained off energy when hanging around a crowd.

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Here's what makes such people happy;

1. Independence

Introverts are more reserved and often let their inner self guide them rather than following what a certain group of people is doing. These people tend to do their best when they are independent, spending time alone, given the freedom to self-direct themselves as well as airing out their views without fear of confrontations.

2. Engage them in meaningful conversations

Introverts do not waste their time engaging in small talks and gossiping around. They enjoy the company of friends and people from whom they can learn new things.

3. A supportive friend

Socializing and meeting strangers is an exhausting process for introverts. They would rather spend time with a supportive friend than with a group of strangers. Introverts way of expressing their feeling could be hard at times and they tend to confide their feeling only to people who they are comfortable with and who will take his/her time to advise them accordingly.

4. Walking outside in nature

Introverts will always set time out of their busy schedule to have a walk and enjoy nature. This helps them to have 'me time' to unwind and comprehend different situations or experiences they have gone through or even after seeing a close friend.