Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan alias the Boss Lady has said that she received a number of accusations when she came to Kenya.

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Zari was in Kenya few weeks back where she was hosted by Kenyan singer cum business woman Akothee.

The two mothers of five who share a lot in common were planning to host women conferences in the country and East Africa at large.

However, while Zari came in Kenya with the women conference as her agenda, some people linked the Boss Lady to prostitution in the country.

Speaking on her recently started series with Ayo TV which was shared on You Tube on 9th August, Zari revealed that she received several accusations including linking her to prostitution.

Zari said that she was being attacked by individuals, especially fellow women, who were saying she was selling her body at 20,000 USD per night, which is approximately Ksh206,3000.

"If you think am selling myself, and you are a woman and you like my lifestyle, why don't you sell yourself? There is nothing like selling myself 20,000 USD.(sasa kama wewe unadhani mimi hapa nimefika pa kujiuza, na wewe ni mwanamke, halafu unatamani maisha yangu, kwa nini na wewe usijiuze? oh sijui kapewa dola ishirini for one night, market yourself pia nini yako ikue kama iko worthy 20,000 USD, hamna kitu kama kujiza dola 20,000) said Zari.

Zari said that she was in Kenya purely for the women conference. She also refuted the allegation she was falling for Governor Sonko, she said she has never met Sonko.