Today, thousands of youth smoke bhang for pleasure purposes. Although this herb has been proved to have a number of health benefits, it also has some negative effects which can cause damage to the body. 

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Marijuana is addictive and most people who smoke it find it hard to quit just like cigarette smokers. 

Here are three ways smoking bhang damages your body.

1. Destroys your brain cells

Bhang has been found to destroy brain cells. It decreases the cognitive function of the brain while also increasing the risk of psychosis which includes hallucinations, delusions and loss of self-identity. Generally, smoking bhang could pose disorders to your brain that causes slow thinking and inability to remember things from the past, in other words, memory loss. 

2. Bhang messes with your balance

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the active substance found in cannabis messes with brain areas called cerebellum and basal ganglia. These areas of the brain are responsible for the regulation of balance, posture, coordination and reaction time. This affects how one walks and talks. Additionally, one can be unable to drive stably. 

3. Intense anxiety and fear

People who smoke bhang have been found to express high levels of fear, anxiety and distrust. This is the most commonly reported side effect. Additionally, marijuana makes one feel depressed especially the addicts who have engaged in smoking for years.