Banks have helped most people to make their transactions fast and easier as well as bringing the banking services close to their customers. 

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Most banks have also introduced mobile banking to ensure effective delivery of services to their customers as well as cut costs of having to physically visit the banks to seek these services.

However, there are mistakes you could be making while doing your banking.

1. Signing for an overdraft protection without understanding it

Most banks have introduced the overdraft protection which allows a customer to withdraw more money than his/her account contains.

The service is expensive as you have to pay a certain processing fee of the same as well as repay the amount you acquired. The bank deducts the amount when you top up your account again.

2. Failing to take note of your transaction history

It is of great importance to look through your bank statements to ascertain all details are captured correctly. You might encounter duplicate charges or errors of omission. Let the bank know in case you find any kind of transaction you do not recognise.

3. Paying a fee to check your bank balance

Nowadays, there are many ways to check your bank balance without being charged for the service. Ensure you read the bank's print outs to know how you can know about your bank balance free of charge.