Political analyst Dennis Anyonka has said that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) is still the party to beat despite the Jubilee Party's efforts to turn the situation around.

The two, through their candidates Imran Okoth and McDonald Mariga respectively, are currently considered the frontrunners in the mini-poll set for November 7.

However, speaking on Monday, Anyonka noted that the Jubilee party has failed to focus its campaigns on its candidate, Mariga, which makes it even harder to win.

Instead, he observed, the campaigns are coming out as all about Deputy President William Ruto and other party members who are not participating in the by-elections.

"In Kibra we are now seeing only 3 parties; ANC, Jubilee and ODM but In Jubilee, we are seeing more of Ruto and Aisha Jumwa than the person seeking the vote. ODM appears to still be holding the region. (Sasa pale Kibra tunaona vyama tatu; ANC, Jubilee na ODM lakini Jubilee tunaona Ruto na Aisha Jumwa kuliko yule anayetafuta kura lakini bado inaonekana ODM imeshikilia)," Anyonka said.

He made the remarks on Radio Maisha's 'Bunge La Maisha' where he also ruled out Amani National Congress (ANC) candidate Eliud Owalo as a possible winner.

He stated that the Jubilee Party has allowed itself to be dragged into verbal exchanges with the ODM party and reduced itself to a respondent to ODM's remarks.

This, he said, might help ODM win the race.

"Where we are now, Jubilee is only responding to ODM. (Pale imefika, Jubilee sasa wanarespond tu kwa ODM)," he added.