Catfishing is said to be a type of deception activity where a person fake an identity on a social media account just to achieve an evil target. People who do this in most cases happen to be creating an identity that is familiar to the target. 

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As it may be hard to know whether the person texting you is catfishing you or not, here are better ways to know when you are being catfished.

1. Photos

When you go through someone’s photos and it happens that they look too good, then know that you might be in danger. People that catfish others like posting photos that are attractive to one’s eyes. Also, looking at the period in which the photo was posted might help a lot. If the photo happens to be too many and they have been posted recently and nearly on the same day then know that you are being catfished.

2. Their relation progress quickly

When a person is catfishing you, you’ll note that the progress of their relation towards you is quite fast. Don’t fall for such tricks, always be cautious of how people are quick at knowing you as you may fall for catfishing acts.

3. They never want to show you their face

Another way of knowing that you are being catfished is when the person on the other side does not want to show you’re their faces whenever you ask them to.