Kenyans are still in shock after four people, among them, a woman and a child died on Sunday after a saloon car reversed and fell off a moving ferry into the Indian ocean. 

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This is not the first time a vehicle sunk into the Indian Ocean. However, many people do not know what to do when such an incidence happens. 

Here is what you should do when in a submerged vehicle;

Unbuckle your seat-belt

The first thing you should always do when in a submerged car is to unbuckle your seat belts. With the belts free, it is easy to move from the car. Always remember to help even children unbuckle their belts in such incidences. 

Open the window

The next thing to do is open the windows. In a submerged car, it is not possible to open the door as the water pressure will be pushing against it. If opening the window is not possible, break it.

Let children out first

Always make sure that you let your children out first when your vehicle submerges. Getting out before the children will make it hard for one to come back in a bid to rescue them. As soon as you get your children out of the vehicle, get out too as fast as possible.

In such incidences, people are always advised against trying to call 911 for help when in a sinking vehicle. When sinking, every second count thus always concentrate on getting out of the car before trying to call for help.