Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi has apologized to the public for what has been happening on his official Facebook page account in the past week.

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Through his official Page, Sudi said his page has been hacked by malicious hackers and has been posting a bad image, not good for public consumption.

“I want to apologize for what has been happening on this page for the past one week when it fell on the hands of malicious hackers. I gladly thank Facebook app security team for restoring the page to me,” he said. 

In the past one-week Kapseret MP Facebook page Oscar Kipchumba Sudi has been posting pornographic photos leaving his supporters to wonder if it's his official Facebook Page.

“I thank all netizens and followers who helped in reporting this case that saw the matter on this page resolved. Thank you, everyone, for showing support and good gesture as we condemn such malicious criminals,” added the Kapseret second term legislator.

He called on his supporters to continue with the firebrand spirit of engagement that has always existed on this page.

Kapseret MP has been using his page to comment on National matters at the same time hitting at those individuals attacking the Deputy President.