A family in Nairobi is crying for justice after encountering many obstacles in its attempt to prevent the demolition of property erected on land gifted to it by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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The daughter of veteran freedom fighter Mama Mwanaisha Bilali told members of the press that they were given the ownership of the land from Uhuru when he served as the Local Government minister back in the day.

 The family now says that they have received threats from their area Member of County Assembly.

What's more, the family's attempt to reach Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to express their frustration has reportedly been blocked by county officials, saying that the papers that they were given by Uhuru are nothing.

"We have tried to reach to City Hall, the surveyor is trying to block us saying these papers Uhuru gave us when he was in the Local Government are nothing to them (Tumejaribu kwenda City Hall, surveyor anajaribu kutublock wakituambia hizi makaratasi Uhuru alitupatia akiwa Local Government, they are nothing to them. They don't recognise the papers, " Maryam Bilal.

The property stands along Kangundo Road where the expansion of the Wakulima Market expected to accommodate 7000 traders is ongoing.

Bilal tore into Nairobi MCAs saying that they were in the business of frustrating instead of helping them.

She said that an MCA from Mathare was working in cahoots with their area MCA to frustrate the family's efforts to get justice.

Uhuru gave the family three parcels of land as an appreciation of the role that  Bilali played in Kenya's quest for independence.