Residents in Sachangwan Village in Molo, Nakuru County were left shocked when they turned up for a burial of an 88-year-old man on Friday. 

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Residents had arrived at the home of the Joseph Kiama for a normal burial ceremony. However, they were shocked to be told that the burial ceremony had already been finished. 

According to family members of Kiama, he had left behind instructions (a dying wish) on what should be done when he passes away. 

In his dying wish, the late Kiama instructed that if he dies, his body should not be taken to a morgue, his body should not be put in a coffin nor buried in one. He noted that he should be buried at 2am, his body wrapped in a blanket and put on a mattress. 

His wish indicated that he should be interred on a mattress and not in a coffin as usual. 

More so, he directed that his body should be buried near Molo River. He also directed that no one should cry when he dies. 

Confirming this wierd incidence, the area chief told K24 Digital that he was aware of all the burial arrangements. 

“They said they would have to observe Kiama’s wishes lest they attract curses,” said the area chief as quoted by K24 Digital. 

However, no one from the deceased's family wanted to speak to the media concerning this incidence which has since left many shocked.