Confidence is a crucial drive towards how you execute your duties in your day to day activities. 

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If you really want others to believe in you, you should first believe in yourself, act without fear and say words that convey your confidence.

For your confidence level to grow and be able to change the perspective of how people perceive you, avoid using these phrases;

1. I'm worried

People who are not confident use this phrase since they worry too much even towards very tiny things. This means you are always focusing on the problem of a certain situation and not on how to get solutions.

You should avoid giving attention to the negatives but rather to the positives.

2. I might

This shows that one is either not committed to attend to any task, or they completely have no direction or even they have no intention to work out.

It also shows that one does not care and this leads to some tasks left undone. To improve your confidence, stand firm and grab any opportunity with faith and desire to do good.

3. I won't

This shows that you give failure the first priority even before attempting a certain activity. Most of those who think and utter this phrase base their decisions on negative experiences from the past.

To boost your confidence, be optimistic and think yourself being capable and that is exactly how you will get amazing results.