Kisumu Governor Anyang' Nyong’o’s witty remark on kissing left the crowd in stitches during a tree planting exercise at the Kachok Botanical Garden, Kisumu.

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“We want our parks to look good so that when one takes her girlfriend there they can kiss and keep the photo for future memories…(Paks wa man Kisumo ka wadwa ni iloso maber kendo ka ng’ato odhie gi nyare moro to ogoyo ‘busu’ to onyalo biro paro godo),” said Governor Nyong’o, as the crowd burst into laughter.

Nyong’o revealed that Kisumu and Siaya counties are behind in terms of tree coverage. He said the county is going to deploy village councils who will ensure the environment is properly maintained, adding that the tree planting exercise will also be introduced in villages.

“We shall have village councils whose main job will be to look after the environment and we will also have environmental experts who will guide us on the tree planting process,” he said. 

The governor in his address on Friday recalled the case of Baby Pendo who was brutally killed at Nyalenda Estate in Kisumu during the post-election violence, saying the Botanical Garden will have a preserved park named ‘Baby Pendo’ in her remembrance. 

“The reason we started this Botanical Garden was for remembrance of Baby Pendo who was brutally murdered in Nyalenda during the post-election chaos,” Nyong’o added. 

The Kisumu governor further lauded Maseno South Diocese Mothers Union which paid him a courtesy visit to root for tree planting in the country. He noted that the Mothers Union will start planting trees at the deaneries level. 

Nyong’o was accompanied by Radio Ramogi crew led by deputy boss Ruth Nyajimo Onyuongo. The crew toured the lakeside city and planted trees at the former Kachok dumpsite which has been transformed into a botanical garden.