Details have emerged on how some rogue police officers are unlawfully minting money out of innocent citizens in Nairobi, especially at night.

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The business is said to be booming around the OTC bus stop where locals say the officers, mostly in civilian clothing, throng at night with the intention of extorting people.

The most targeted are male youth, who automatically become suspects as soon as it hits 10 pm, some ending up nabbed and cuffed and forced to pay for their freedom.

According to persons working around the area, about 30-50 men working late at night end up being caught in the trap, the only remaining way being to pay Sh500 for freedom.

According to Erick Mburu, a shop owner, the rogue officers normally work in groups, with the situation now making it a nightmare for people to pass by past 11 pm.

"They are many here and they operate in groups. After you are arrested they will demand a ransom to release you," the 58 year old told the Standard on Wednesday.

Morris Momanyi who was forced to strip naked to prove that he had no money said that he was forced to borrow the ransom from a friend, after being nabbed and cuffed.

“I was terrified. I did not know what to do. They demanded Sh500 to secure my release, which I did not have. I had to borrow from a friend to bribe my way out,” he testified.

Anne Mundia says that the behaviour has been the norm in the area.