Census is planned to take place this August in Kenya after ten years since the previous exercise was held. The census reference night will be the night of 24th/25th.

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This means that the person who will spend the night in Kenyan boundaries will be counted regardless of their country of origin. The exercise will run through to the 31st of August.

Some of the personnel recruited such as ICT supervisors and Content supervisors are already done with their training, enumerators will have their training running from 14th August to 20th August. This will be first ever census activity to use tablets in Kenya.

The key questions are;

1. Social status

Kenyans will be asked to provide their ages, sex,marital status, migration, births and deaths that could have occured in their homes since 24th August 2018 and also their highest level of education.

The government will also be able to find whether those trained are working on their area of training based on the answers filled in the questionnaires.

2. Agricultural participation

The digital questionnaires will require a household to state whether they take part in keeping livestock, fishing or crop farming.

For livestock, a household will state whether they have; exotic or indigenous cattle, sheep, goats, camels, donkeys, pigs, indigenous or exotic chicken, bees, fish ponds and fish cages.

For crop farming, they will state whether they farm; tea, coffee, avocados, citrus, mangoes, coconuts, macadamia, cashew nuts, miraa, maize, sorghum, rice, potatoes, beans, bananas, cabbages, tomatoes, onions, groundnuts, millet, watermelons, cotton and kales among others.

3. Ownership of assets

The questionnaires also have sections where Kenyans will state whether they own phones, radios, laptops, TVs, bicycles, cars, regrigerators, tractors, animal drawn cars, ox-plough among others and whether they have accessed the internet or the e-commerce.