A family in Mombasa County has blamed the Mikindani Medical Centre management after their newly born baby went missing.

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Ms Victoria Zubeida, 25, on Sunday gave birth at the health facility which is located in Jomvu, only for her baby to go missing a few days later.

According to Nation, Zubeida's baby was admitted at the facility after it was alleged that he had developed complications which needed the doctors' attention.

On Tuesday, Zubeida met with another pregnant woman at the maternity wing at around 4 pm who asked her about the services at the facility.

“She asked me about services at the hospital and we talked for long. My husband came and urged the doctors to discharge us after our baby’s health improved, but they said his condition was still unstable,” Zubeida told Nation.

At around 7 pm, Zubeida was allowed to leave the hospital and this stranger woman offered to help her leave the facility.

“I left without signing anything, and the woman offered to help me. A nurse told me she would give me some drugs for the baby, but I left in a hurry. On reaching the bus stop, the woman reminded me about the drugs so I rushed back, leaving her with my baby,” she narrated.

Zubeida went back to collect the medicine, leaving her baby with the woman, unfortunately, when she came back at the bus stage, the woman had already left together with the baby.

Zubeida's husband David Muya is blaming the hospital for discharging his wife at night. Muya alleges that he had urged the hospital not to discharge his wife until him or his neighbour was around.

Jomvu Sub-County Deputy Commander Jashon Polloh said the matter is currently under intensive investigations.