Political analyst Dennis Anyonka has said that the attacks being fired at Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang'i are not his.

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The CS has been under attack from Deputy President William Ruto allies for allegedly frustrating Ruto.

Anyonka says that the CS is only being used as the route for Tanga Tanga to settle their scores with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He says that since the group is unhappy with Uhuru, due to his apparent fallout with Ruto, it can only bash Uhuru through the CS.

"Its easier to attack Matiang'i because they cannot attack the president. Ruto needs the president so wakiona anawakosea, wanatusi Matiang'i (so if the president wrongs them they insult Matiang'i)," he said on Monday.

Anyonka spoke on Radio Maisha, where he noted that keen to ensure that he keeps Uhuru's backing for his 2022 presidential candidature, Ruto cannot risk to directly attack him.

The commentator said that though Uhuru has indicated that he might not keep his 2013 and 2017 promise to endorse him in 2022, he now only needs him to remain silent.

He opined that should Uhuru endorse another person, Ruto will have lost big. This being the reason why he tries hard to seem close to him despite it being clear that they have parted ways.

"Ruto needs Uhuru, he would rather he remains silent than move to another region (Ruto needs Uhuru, afadhali hata anyamaze lakini asiende another region)," he added.

Ruto has repeatedly been seen reprimanding any media house suggesting that things are no longer rosy between him and the president, at times through his Twitter handle.