Kisii County residents have been asked to be alert not to be swept away by floods during this season when the region is experiencing heavy downpour.

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Kisii County Commissioner Godfrey Kigochi while commenting on a house that collapsed at Nyamataro in Kisii on Tuesday morning said residents should move away from areas where floods are likely to occur. 

"Residents should priority their safety during this season the region is receiving heavy rainfall to avoid unnecessary deaths which may result from from floods. We could have lost lives in the Nyamataro collapsed house. I urge everyone to ensure he or she is safe," he said.

Kigochi argued that parents should take care of their children who may be tempted to play outside when it is raining.

He challenged parents to stop sending children alone to fetch water from rivers during this period rivers are flooded. 

"Parents should take their responsibility by ensuring their children are safe in the houses when it is raining. We do not want to find a scenario where children are being left to play outside when it is raining as this will lead to deaths as a result of lightning and thunderstorms," he added.