West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo on Tuesday responded to questions concerning the absence of his deputy Nicholas Atudonyang.

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Appearing before the Senate Devolution Committee, Lonyangapuo maintained that his deputy is in the USA to look for donors to help the people of West Pokot. 

He revealed that Atudonyang comes to Kenya within sometimes and leaves again to the US. 

However, Lonyangapuo also claimed that his deputy is said to be sick but he cannot prove that. 

“He left Kenya for USA in December 2018, and was to return to the country in April 2019. That did not happen because he fell ill,” said the governor as quoted by K24 Digital

“He is a practicing neurosurgeon. I am told he is still unwell, though I am not sure if he, indeed, is ailing,” he added as quoted by K24 Digital. 

The governor further noted that Atudonyang doesn't get paid for being his deputy governor. He agreed to have his salary stopped but still acts as the deputy governor. 

When asked to sack him by nominated senator Rose Nyamunga, Lonyangapuo turned down this suggestion. 

 “I cannot sack him; he has not done anything wrong apart from being absent,'' he said as quoted by K24 Digital. 

He asked the senator committee to send someone to the US to go and look for him if they really are interested with where he is.