A student at Kibabii University was raped on her way from partying on Friday morning in Kibabii, Bungoma Town. 

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The student, undertaking Bachelor of Science (Renewable Energy and Bio-Fuels Technology), was in the company of her friends when this incident happened. 

However, her fellow students managed to run away when the sole assailant confronted them. 

She was captured and raped. Before the rapist chopped off her arm leaving her seriously injured. 

Speaking to K24 Digital, a resident at Kibabii, Zaituni Shaban, said that she spotted the chopped off arm, told her husband who then reported to the police. 

“At 5 am, we heard a woman screaming for help, but my husband and I feared responding to the distress call. Later, 6 am, I went out of the house, and when I looked on a neighbour’s roof, I saw something that resembles a human being’s arm wrapped in a bra, and thrown there. When the arm was removed from the roof by police, we confirmed that it belonged to a human being,” said Zaituni

The 21-year-old student is currently receiving treatment at Bungoma West Hospital. 

According to Dr Martin Mbati, the student injury made her lose a lot of blood. 

“The lady’s left arm was completely severed from her body. She had lost a lot of blood,” said Dr Mbati.